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Friday 20 July 2012

Charmed Season 8

Yay!! Habis dah Charmed.. Until season 8.. Huhuu.. Sedih2.. But happy dah habis :-P

Apa2 pun, sempatlah habiskan before Ramadhan... Azam ramadhan, time puasa xmo tengok movies.. Hoho..

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The last season of the hit series Charmed opens with the sisters living under false identities following the events of the seventh season finale. They look forward to starting their new lives free of demons, but Paige is having trouble ignoring the call of her charges and goes to help a young witch, Billie. After deciding to vanquish the demon after her, Billie discovers the sisters' true identities and promises to keep their secret if they will train her in witchcraft, to which they agree.
The first few episodes show how unhappy each sister is becoming leading to their decision to go back to their Charmed lives, and they enlist the help of Agent Murphy to do so. The rest of the season focuses on the sisters helping Billie control and expand her abilities and eventually searching for her sister Christy, who she believes was abducted by a demon when they were young.
While, to begin with, they must hunt and destroy demons who have begun taking control in their absence, the Charmed Ones are also told of "the Ultimate Power", which they must face in one final battle. Once Billie reunites with Christy, it becomes clear that she has been brainwashed by the newly-resurrected Triad into thinking the Halliwells are evil and that she and her sister have the power to destroy them.
Piper and Leo go through marital issues as Leo adjusts to his newly-human life, while Phoebe begins to want more independence from her sisters and is sent a Cupid (Coop) to help her find love, because of all the sacrifices she has made as a Charmed One. Paige begins to embrace her Whitelighter side more fully as she takes on more charges. Through this she meets and begins a romance with Henry Mitchell.

Selamat berpuasa :-D
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