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Saturday 30 June 2012

Charmed Season 5

Pagi tadi sempat habiskan Charmed Season 5.. Tapi agak kecewalah.. Kita download cerita tu.. Syok2 tengok, tiba2 stop.. Xhabis pun.. Sepatutnya play sampai 1:24 jam.. Tapi main sampai 1:12 jam je.. KECEWA!!!! Huhuhu.. Then, cari kat Youtube.. Oh, nasib baik ada.. Tengoklah yang lagi 00:12 yang xdapat tengok tu.. Sedih kot Season ni.. Huhuhu

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Season 5 sees Piper deal with being a Charmed One while being pregnant. She struggles between protecting her baby and accepting a more passive role in fighting evil. After the birth and learning that she is the mother of a very important and powerful child, Piper must then face various demonic forces who intend to either kill or capture her son. She also has problems in her marriage to Leo as they both feel the other doesn't appreciate each other's responsibilities and needs.
Phoebe is finally able to let go of Cole emotionally, despite his re-appearance and constant attempts to win her back. Her career as a columnist also begins to succeed as Phoebe becomes a local celebrity, while there she meets Jason Dean, the new editor, and begins a new romance with him.
Paige grows into her role as a Charmed One and decides to give up her job to focus on a life of magic. She also learns to accept her whitelighter side as she is given her first charge, who happens to be her biological father Sam. Although they have never met, they eventually get along and Paige learns that her father did love her and is able to embrace the whitelighter side of her that she rejected due to it being her father's side.

Seterusnya nak tengok Season 6 pula :-P
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