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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Charmed Season 7

Kali ni lambat sikit habis sebab selang-seli dengan membaca buku

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The seventh season opens with the sisters reeling from Gideon's betrayal in the previous season's finale, having lost faith in themselves and their instincts. These feelings have affected Phoebe's work and so her boss hires a ghost writer to replace her so she can take a break. When she discovers Elise has hired a man, Leslie St. Claire, she is hesitant but eventually warms to him and they have a brief relationship.
Piper must deal with raising Chris, her new son, and saving Leo who has sunk to a dark place after Gideon's attack and the death of future Chris. He becomes paranoid that the other Elders are after him. Leo is stalked by a mysterious unknown power, which is eventually revealed to be the Avatars, an almighty power who dream of creating a utopia on Earth. After first being suspicious of their motives the sisters slowly begin to accept their plans, especially after it is revealed that Leo has become an Avatar.
Paige fights to keep Magic School open, and eventually becomes headmistress as well as beginning a romance with Agent Kyle Brody. In the second half of the season she hires Drake, a demon atoning for his sins by leading a life of good. Phoebe grows particularly close to him but trouble lies ahead when he reveals the price attached to his bargain.
This season introduced Zankou. Zankou is a demon whom The Source had locked away after a battle which brought him to power. Zankou begins to work to destroy the sisters leading them to make a life-changing decision in order to destroy him.

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