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Monday 8 August 2011

Blogs, Microblogs, and Wikis

Web logs or blogs (Personal Web sites) :

  • to keep in touch with friends and family
  • Blog postings are timestamped
  • Readers of these sites are allowed to comment
  • Some blogs are with personal information other focus on information about hobby or theme
  • Although most are written by individual bloggers, there are also group blogs
  • Two of the most widely used are Blogger and WordPress
Microblog :

  • publishers short sentences
  • to keep friends and other contancts up-to-date
  • most popular microblogging site, Twitter
  • Twitter enables to add new content from browser, instant messaging application, or a mobile phone
Wiki :

  • to allow visitors to fill in missing information
  • the simplicity of editing and publishing through wiki software
  • support collaborative writing in which there isn't a single expert author
  • the most famous example is wikipedia
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