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Monday 11 June 2012

Charmed Season 3

Sebenarnya, Charmed Season 3 ni dah lama dah habis tengok.. 2 weeks ago.. Before pergi PJ untuk Ta'aruf Programme. Tapi, xsempat nak tulis kat entry.. Tapi takpe, harini kita update pasal Charmed Season 3, ok?

Charmed Season 1
Charmed Season 2

The third season of Charmed sees many dramatic changes in the sisters' lives. Prue is looking for balance in her life, juggling her photography, her role as a Charmed one, and her love life. Piper and Leo's relationship becomes serious as they plan to get married against the wishes of The Elders. Phoebe gains the 'active' power of levitation and starts a new romance with the assistant district attorney Cole Turner/Belthazor - a half human/half demon sent by The Triad to destroy the sisters.
Most of the first half of the season centers on Cole/Belthazor forcing his way into The Charmed Ones' lives by initiating a romance with Phoebe. However, over time he becomes conflicted between his duty and his love for her. Prue is extremely suspicious of Cole from the beginning, causing a rift between her and her youngest sister. The girls' father also comes back into their lives, this time in a more permanent role as he heals his relationship with Prue and attends Piper's wedding.
The Charmed Ones begin to discover and understand the hierarchy of the underworld, as they learn of The Triad who are responsible for sending Belthazor and various other demons after them.

Sekarang, am watching Season 4 :-P

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