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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Charmed Season 2

Hehehe.. Dalam masa beberapa hari je, habis tengok Season 2 punya cerita Charmed... Season 1? Klik sini

The second season of Charmed is again characterized by the series writers' mantra: "Charmed is a show about three sisters who just happen to be powerful witches, not three witches who happen to be sisters". This formula enabled the Executive Producers' stable of writers to gradually build on the sisters' magic, while spending the show's main entertainment minutes dealing with the human dilemma of the complications and vicissitudes that busy lives lay on anyone. Like the first season, the sisters fight different forces of evil each episode, and the show continues to focus on how such things impact the sisters' attempt to live normal lives, as far as such is possible.
Darryl Morris, Andy's police partner before his death, becomes a more prominent character as he begins to learn about the sisters' secret lives and helps them out in certain situations. The season also introduces two characters: neighbours Dan Gordon and his niece Jenny.
Piper, becoming frustrated with the limitations of her relationship with whitelighter Leo Wyatt, is drawn to Dan, creating a love triangle that lasts the majority of the season. She also opens a nightclub 'P3' which takes over from Quake as a place for the sisters to meet when not at the manor. It also allowed the show to introduce musical guests either in the opening or ending of each episode. Phoebe decides to return to school to complete a degree in Psychology and Prue leaves her job mid-season to follow her dream of becoming a photographer. She also has a brief relationship withJack Sheridan whom she meets at Bucklands before leaving.
This season also sees the sisters' powers growing as they begin to gain more control over their powers. Phoebe learns to command premonitions, Piper selectively freezes objects, and Prue gains the power of astral projection. They also begin to learn how to write and cast their own spells and to create their own vanquishing potions.

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